Philadelphia Doctors Chamber Orchestra

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We are devoted to playing and sharing classical music in the Philadelphia area!

Musicians for the 2016-17 season have included:

Dr. Fawzi Habboushe
Conductor: Fawzi Habboushe, MD, F.A.C.S.

(for roster for specific concerts, please see downloadable program
for individual event on our "event photos" page.)

Melinda Baldi
Eleanor Brownstein
Julia Case
Jim Cheng
Bruce Davidson
Jeremy Desiderio
Catherine Kunf
Richard Lin
Tyler Meil
Jessica Sellers
Anu Somashekar
Jeffrey Tung
Lily Wu

Pat Martin
Lyndon Ramkhalawan
Martha Savery
Anthony Washington

Aryeh Blumenreich
Mary Felley
Richard Johnson
Annie Lin
Chad Seaman
Jane Wilson

Double Bass
Helen Holzbaur
Lori Kopervos
Bryan Penczuk
Ian Vos

Kathy Goldenberg
Julianne Rametta
Barbara Rolnick

Rod Dunn
Mallory Eisenman

Ted Burkhardt
Louise Perry

Barbara Dowdall
Giacomo DeAnnuntis

French Horn
Etienne Kambara
Kristine Strecker
Robert Swanson

Kris Alutius
Richard Greifer
Martha Michael
Max Moscowitz

Judson Brill


Special Thanks to:
Rebecca Kochman and Journey's Way Senior Center
Giacomo DeAnnuntis, Orchestra Manager
Louise Perry, Music Coordinator
Jane Wilson, Program Design & Web Site Design and Management

Flute and clarinet